Gerald Anderson is a citizen that is concerned with our future – environmentally, economically, and socially. Mr. Anderson is running as the Green Party candidate for delegate of the 88th House District to help to assure that state environmental protections continue to be improved, state educational programs benefit all…not just the privileged, democracy is restored to reflect the opinions of all…not just those controlling the election districts through gerrymandering, economic opportunities benefit the majority of Virginia citizens, and that our sense of community in Virginia grows. 

Mr. Anderson has a M.S. degree in Chemistry and more than 45 years of private sector experience. The bulk of this experience has been conducting government-sponsored R & D on environmental control technologies for advance power generation and applying pollution control and prevention technologies to government-related activities. This experience provides Mr. Anderson a unique knowledge and understanding of the potential impact of advanced technologies and chemical use on our environment and our lives. He also is of the opinion that an industry left unchecked will do whatever damage it can get away with for the sake of profits. The problem is that these damages become the burden of the rest of us who pay taxes. 

Today, Mr. Anderson is a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Germanna Community College teaching recent high school graduates college chemistry. As such, he is aware of many of the deficiencies in the results of the K-12 educational process. A majority of his students do not have effective communication skills, critical thinking skills, or adequate math skills. However, Mr. Anderson also believes in higher education for all. Only when we have a more highly educated society will we be able to break ourselves from being servants of the existing corporate interests, create prosperity for everyone, and have universal peace in our society. 

Mr. Anderson is also a volunteer board member of the recently formed Fredericksburg Food Cooperative. This cooperative has as its objective the opening and operation of a member-owned full service grocery that will promote locally-sourced foods and products, promote sustainable practices in the grocery and be a community asset. Mr. Anderson believes that the development of more cooperatives throughout the state would serve more people in all of our communities, lessen dependence on out-of-state corporations to provide jobs, and improve citizen prosperity through profit sharing in these cooperatives. The problem today is that most universities and colleges in Virginia and elsewhere do not teach the cooperative business model to students but emphasize business courses that simply support the existing big corporation agenda. 

Mr. Anderson, his wife Mary, and his two step-sons David Austin and Cameron are residents of Fredericksburg. His wife is an employee of Fredericksburg Public Schools, and she is also serving in a volunteer capacity as Vice President of a local not-for-profit cat rescue, Operation Hood. David Austin is a college student at Liberty University and Cameron is a college student at Germanna Community College.